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For our Chemistry Department members:

SWELL was founded in 2019, with the mission of fostering a supportive and healthy departmental community for graduate students and postdocs.

SWELL takes on two main roles:
1. Ombuds/non-research advisors. The faculty and staff members of the SWELL committee offer support and advice when students or postdocs face personal challenges. One-on-one meetings with a SWELL Committee member are ideal for developing strategies to address interpersonal conflict, manage health issues, or provide support and access to resources for any other concerns. Some conversations can be kept confidential; reports of harassment or discrimination are reported to the Equal Opportunity Compliance office as some members are responsible employees.
2. Resources. SWELL compiles wellness and mental health resources that contribute to the broader departmental support network for students and postdocs. SWELL maintains a website that includes information on campus resources (including eligibility details), departmental student groups, harassment and discrimination reporting details, and more.
The SWELL Committee is led by co-chairs Leslie Hicks and Alex Miller. The committee has representation from teaching and research faculty from various disciplines and staff from the teaching laboratories and student services. Many in this diverse group have completed formal trainings including Safe Zone, Mental Health First Aid, and Haven.
Get in touch with the SWELL committee by emailing  or contact a member directly!